What is the value difference between niche edit and adding a comment to a blog as a guest post?

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There are (PBNs) Private Blog Networks that come from expired domains snatched up with good relevance to a niche. Then there are niche edits, which are adding an anchor tag and your link to an old existing article on a website. Then there are guest post comments on an existing blog post/article.

What is the value difference between niche edit and adding a comment to a blog as a guest post? I am guessing a post on a PBN is fresher?

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Blog comments don't do ahit these days. Google knows there are certain links that users can build themselves like blog comments, forum comments, profile links, citations, web2.0 etc. These links can help with social shares and somewhat topical or geo relevance but don't boost the site authority.

Niche edits/GPs/ PBNs are different. GP and PBN links are essentially same. They are technically guest posts where a new article is written around the niche and posted to get a link. Niche edits are little cheap and can pass quick link equity as the article is already indexed.

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Quiet simply, Guest post is a guest posting an article on a desired site, Niche edit or link placement is getting a line edited in an existing post and PBN is a blog network where you can post an article or you set up an entire site/network just for link building purposes.

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Comment is worth zero since all blogs not tagging comments as no-follow or user content are overused for SEO purpose and it would be an off topic baclking anyway. Then guest post vs adding link depends on the quality of the article in both situations. A link into an already ranking article with great topic relevancy with target page is better than creating fresh crappy content. But most of the time you need to make the content for it to be good and relevant and not already full of backlinks to other websites.

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Is a guest post an entirely new article or just a comment?

I love commenting to myself LOL.

If this is the case if I am already creating articles and reaching out to a website owner and getting my article posted there that is in theory a guest post?
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