Talk to me about learner driver insurance. UK based

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Previously had my eldest on my own policy but it was literally 5 x my usual premium. I'm not prepared to pay that this time.

Already quoted at Marmalade... any other ideas?

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Veygo we used, as long as you have comprehensive insurance on the car.

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Try Collingwood

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Put him at the main driver on learners and you as the additional driver.

Your still able to drive the car as much as you want.

I was paying £500 maybe a lot less for mine.

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My daughters first car, at 19 years old, cost £1,000 just a small basic car. Cheapest insurance quote with a black box was £1,800. Just had to pay it. It has come down every year since.

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My daughter has her own learner policy with Collingwood - was much cheaper than putting her on our insurance. £200 for 12mths.

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Adrian flux was really cheap for my daughter as a learner when she passed it was £1600 now with a year NCB she's just renewed at £744 so worth ringing them x

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I have gone through Collingwood for the last two of mine, really good and reasonably priced.
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