What can I do to help my nails strengthen and grow please?

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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Had gel nails put on in October for big party, in a high St. independent shop. When I had them removed I felt like they didn't want to do it because I wasn't have new ones put on. Anyway I am now having trouble growing my own again, they are splitting at edges and just so uneven, they are horrible. What can I do to help my nails strengthen and grow please?

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OPI Nail Envy saved my nails after acrylics xx
Jo ~

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Jelly. Eat jelly it helps your nails grow x

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This treatment is amazing

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Qualified nail technician here - cuticle oil & regular manicures (with or without gel applied)

A fully qualified nail technician can monitor your nail health.

The reason Many nails are “damaged” following removal is either:

They were removed incorrectly.

There was a contraindication to performing the treatment in the first place (ie, a nail disease)

A condition that has developed since the polish was removed.

If it was back in October, the nails that the gel was applied would be almost full grown out by now. So that tells me it’s down to nutrients, damage to nail bed since then, or a medical condition.

If you send me a pic / post one here I can give a better idea of what will help.

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I do my own gels at home but I often rest my nails and use a good nail strengthener and hand cream/cuticle oil. I also file my nails regularly to keep nicks and chips at bay. Seems to work as they are still strong and in good condition.

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A good strengthening base coat and oil your cuticles. I find I need to wear strengthening nail varnish after having gels to help my nails recover. I use a buffer/file thingy too to make them look a bit shinier.
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