Has anyone managed to get a good deal with sky when your contract has ended?

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Normally they give a good deal but this time they won’t do anything. Thought they would look after customers that have been with them 24yrs but no.

Just spoke to someone in Scotland and he can get it £11 a month cheaper than all the rest have told me. Not as good deal as what I have had before but better than nothing.

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They don't seem to offer very good packages these days. We left due to house move and haven't missed it at all. I never had a call to tempt me back. Usually I get an email with an "unmissable offer" but it's nothing exciting. Usually about a 5er off normal price lol

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Call again till u get what u want. All advisers have different deals to offer and they change all the time. If u get through to someone Scottish or Newcastle I believe they have the best offers to keep u. Or just cancel then they will call u to change ur mind

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I read somewhere that EE sell Sky Channels for a fraction of the cost that Sky does.

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I’ve had quite a lot of problems I’m a long term customer and as someone else pointed out there’s no loyalty they are like most companies now money grabbing tyrants out for the biggest profits shame on them all

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I was on the phone to them on Friday my bill went to £115 argued with 2 different people (2 phone calls) trying to shove a package down my throat that I didn't want. They said the cheapest they could do was £99 They'd hung up on me when I told them to cancel it all second call finally got through to cancellations and got it down to £67 x

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Tell them you’re moving house and have decided to leave Sky as another company is offering a better deal. They put you through to the retention team in charge of change of address and they get special commission for keeping you. Get them to do you a quote for “staying with them”. Ask to think about it for a few hours. Call them back and say that whilst the house move has fallen through you’d like to take them up on the deal they’ve quoted you for your current property. Most of the time they just give in and do it.
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