Our problem with the trees!

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Advice please. These trees (there are 5) are not in my garden but they are creating issues for us. They block sun through out the day, they cover our garden in bits of tree, the grass is dead in that corner and nothing can go under it as its covered in bird poo!

We have had a quote to cut the over handing branches back for £850.

We know we would have to tell the owner of the house and give back what we cut. But what are our options before we approach as the house is rented and would need to speak to the landlord.

Thank you in advance.

Post by Rachel »

Unfortunately you have no rights to sun light. And trees are good for the environment.

Post by Rachael »

I had these trees at my old property they were in the neighbours garden all down the side of his garden they lent over my garden and made it impossible to have a nice garden, the patio, decking and mud was covered in poo and when we spoke to the neighbour he wasn’t understanding at all. Was a nightmare! These are a menace of a tree bcoz they are huge they shed and attract every bird to shit from in the whole area!
I feel for u! At one point I google how long id get for arson.

Post by Neil »

£850 should be able to remove them for that price.

Post by Jonpaul »

Honestly some of these comments, do people not look at the back of properties before deciding to move in? You don’t have a right to sun light and wanting a tree cut down which is in someone else’s garden because you cannot enjoy yours is well out of order. Either learn to live with it or move on!

Post by Beth »

Honestly other than cutting the over hanging branches (but only to head height usually ) you have no rights at all. That tree will have been there more than a decade easily it’s better for the environment that it stays. The landlord is very unlikely to want to do anything as tree surgery is expensive and frankly it’s not harming anyone.

Post by Kirsten »

I have a similar tree (which was here when I bought house) in my garden, and have had it cut back a couple of times since I’ve lived here to make sure it doesn’t annoy neighbours. (Totally agree that the bits that fall off are annoying and they stop plants growing beneath, but on balance I decided tree should stay for 1) privacy for me in my garden and 2) a good flight path resting stop for all the birds in the neighbourhood. My tree is one of the tallest around here, so provides important space for lots of types of birds). £850 sounds like quite a lot to just cut branches and take away the cut branches (unless access is really tricky?) I’d get a couple more quotes. I would also ask the landlord (owner of the tree?) if they’d be happy for you to pay someone to cut 3 or 4 metres off the top/a bit round the sides. Landlord probably doesn’t want to shell out cash himself, but happy to give you permission to do it. One less job and expense for them I expect!
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