I am thrilled at the idea of my book series being made into a movie or series of movies

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Post by Batman »

I have been reluctant to submit this, but today I decided to do it anyway.

I have been approached by Film Hatch Media with a contract offer to produce my book “Ruby and Nolan’s Great Adventures in Space” as a movie. I will not have to give up my Copyright and all rights to my series of 8 books.

Film Hatch Media Production is a global network of independent film production and film concept agency that serves mainstream film production companies and aspiring movie writers. They guarantee to do the following: 1. Screenplay Creation with treatment and logline 2. US Copyright Registration 3. Book Teaser Creation ( 15-Second Video Length) 4. Press release Submission and Distribution to 5,000 National and International Media Outlets 5. Hollywood Database Submission 6. Screenplay Registration and Submission for 2022 Film Festivals 7. Social Media Advertising (Back Linking: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram” 8. Establish and Distribute Movie Materials to – Indie Filmmakers, Producers, Directors, Editors, and Top Streaming Platforms.

They have an evaluation by Stephen Stone as their reviewer, who says about my book; The story moves quickly and efficiently. The setting is drawn so realistically, and scientific facts are handled so deftly that it’s hard to ignore the story of Ruby and Nolan’s great adventure into the big screen. The assessment shows that this material is currently in demand by movie industries and producers. Please discuss Project Movie Deal.

The content was well projected, with good story build=up. Pacing and movement were patterned properly. A science fiction story that is something new for audiences. Excellent story for the whole family. Ruby and Nolan’s Great Adventures in Space is an excellent book. It is well written, well delivered, and well thought out. Particularly effective is the way that Colbath encourages the reader.

I am extremely flattered at the evaluation and thrilled at the idea of my book series being made into a movie or series of movies. It is every writer’s dream.

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Post by John »

I’m afraid that a little Google investigation is not encouraging. Lots of posts about how Film Hatch is a scam. Don’t give them money.

Post by Ron »

I took a look at their website and, frankly, it raises a lot of questions...and doubts. Not the least because there is no indication of any feature films they have produced. Even their list of awards lists no awards. Apparently all they do is offer services...services you will have to pay for.

Post by Earl »

It doesn't sound like THEY are producing it. It sounds like THEY are marketing it.

Are they offering you any money? Does this contract limit you from making money?

If a MAJOR studio does a book, they generally pay $100,000 to $500,000 for the book rights.

My old partners brought and IDEA for a TV show to Filmways and they got $20,000 in 1980. For an idea. For the Logline:

"National Lampoon type magazine gets bought up by Time-Life type magazine, shirts and ties have to learn to live with long hair and sandals."

That what was FIlmways bought for $20,000. NBC gave them development money ON THE CONDITION that they use an Emmy Winning comedy writing team, and the one they picked worked on the show Welcome Back Kotter. THEY would create and develop the show and produce to pilot.

My partners were to be Story Editors if it went to series, for the first season at a weekly salary.

That was their deal. It went to pilot with Desi Arnaz Jr., but NBC didn't pick it up for the fall season.

Options are like $1,000 to $10,000 and that's just for a period of time to try and get a studio interested. Which is what it sounds like they are doing.

If they are asking YOU for money, walk away.

Instead write production companies and ask them if they will let you submit your COPYRIGHTED PUBLISHED books for consideration. Some will let you do that.

If they like it they will option it.

If a small studio does it, or if an indy does it they AREN'T going to have major distribution because the BIG STUDIOS have that tied up. StudioCanal has all the French territories. Disney, Paramount, Warners, Sony has all of NORTH and SOUTH America and parts of Europe.

When you have no studio your PAY to put your film in Cannes in the hopes you'll get a distributor.

I met the man who has the American Rights to Paul Verhoven's award winning film Katie Tipple and all he can do it get it into Art House theaters. I, in fact, saw his fantastically beautiful print at a theater on Ventura Blvd in Encino.

Eventually I imagine that Criterion will get the rights or buy the rights. But it still won't get big distribution.

Writer's guild MINIMUM for a theatrical screenplay is $50,000 for a low budget feature and $100,000 for a high budget. That's MINIMUM.

I'd show that contract to a good Entertainment Attorney.

They should be offering you OPTION money or theaterical rights payments up front with a five or six figure payment. And you should get chracter rights, sequel and prequel payment rights.

Post by Kim »

Be very, very careful. Unfortunately these scammers reach out to authors and make promises up the ying-yang. Although they sound genuine, they most likely aren't. I am 100% sure that for them to do all this for you they will ask for money upfront. That is the sign of a scammer and is definitely a red flag. BEWARE.

Post by Michael »

First off having played the game with Hollywood if they haven't offered you money just for the option and a limit on holding the story 6 months to a year to greenlight the project then walk away. If they have no skin in the game they are only here to play you.

Post by Diana »

Please be careful and get independent advice before you sign anything. A genuine production company will pay you to option your book, will develop a pilot script and full proposal at their expense and will put together a deal with distribution and streaming services. This process takes months or years not weeks and shouldn‘t cost you anything. What you are being offered sounds like a way to earn money from you that you are unlikely to ever recoup.

Post by Rick »

I haven't read any of the other comments. I was contacted a month ago by a "producer" who said my book was being considered for a screenplay. I said, "Well, my book HAS ALREADY been adapted to a screenplay, and I assumed you are one of the producers in LA who is reading it." She said she will love to read it, and will send me a link in the email. I waited a few days for the link---it never came. I called the phone number she called on and my call will not go through. It was a scam number. AS SOON AS SHE HEARD MY BOOK WAS ALREADY WRITTEN INTO A SCREENPLAY, SHE CUT ME OFF AND DISAPPEARED. IT'S A NEW SCAM TO GET YOU TO FRONT THE MONEY TO WRITE YOUR STORY INTO A SCREENPLAY. IF THEY ARE INTERESTED IN YOUR BOOK THEY WILL OPTION IT AND SEND YOU A CHECK FOR @ $10,000 FOR THE RIGHTS TO THE BOOK FOR ABOUT 18 MOS.

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