Needing advice please for Harry Potter World

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Needing advice please for Harry Potter World

Post by Guest »

.. I would like to book for a family of 4 in June, but are we able to park on site? Also what should I book, just standard tickets? If so can you still get photos on the broomstick? Can you just eat and drink at restaurants/cafes when you like? How much money for souvenirs?

Any advice would be appreciated..

Re: Needing advice please for Harry Potter World

Post by Beth »

In the U.K. the broomsticks are included int he tickets but you pay for a video of you on the train carriage if you want too (was v expensive ) there is huge car park on site so not a problem. The merchandise is expensive but some of it only available in that shop - when we went they had a sale on and we bought a blanket and a set of pjs for £35 which was a bargain. The food on-site I thought was reasonable cost wise and you just queue so yea can do that at any time

Re: Needing advice please for Harry Potter World

Post by Kimberly »

We went yesterday 4th time ** yes you can park on site

It’s all included in your ticket standard ticket unless you want the guided tour

The last two times we have done late afternoon slots and found it not so busy which is great for my middle daughter who doesn’t particularly do well with ques and crowds yesterday we was booked at 5.30 and we didn’t get out till closing which is 10pm

Two cafes before you go in and then the other cafe is half way round

The photos cost us £80 when we went in October that was for the 3 kids but they included all videos and pictures on a stick we didn’t do this time we went back yesterday with free return tickets as my eldest became poorly on the way round in October and was seen by medical staff so they gave us tickets to return as we didn’t finish

Be prepared to be in there for a few hours as it’s a lot bigger then people think and if it’s your first time you want to see it all

If they have an event on they do extra activities

The shop is expensive we spent over £100 last time and then £80 this time *** we won’t be going back for a while now but they add on new things all the times since we went in October they have recently added Harry’s bedroom with dobby which my nearly 3 year old loved! It’s amazing!

Re: Needing advice please for Harry Potter World

Post by Becky »

In the U.K.? Yes loads of parking on site. Broomsticks etc are all extra that you can normally just choose to do on the day and pay extra for. Main Restaurant is outside the tour so need to eat before or after you complete tour. But there is a cafe half way round. Souvenir shop is crazy expensive.

Re: Needing advice please for Harry Potter World

Post by Kim »

The studios I presume.

Books your tickets NOW they go extremely fast for weekends and no datea left until may ATM, 1st sat in june morning slots have already gone. I believe e a family of 4 will be about £160. Free parking on site, it's huge.

There is food, but you can take a pack up. Its expensive £32 for a wand £10 for a chocolate frog. A butter beer is a must. If there's a birthday let them know, you'll get to open the doors to the great hall. Says tour takes 4 hours.....I was there double that.
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