World Book Day homemade costume ideas for a 4 year old girls please?

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Hello everyone, I'm in search of creative and easy homemade costume ideas for my 4-year-old daughter for World Book Day. Can anyone recommend some fun and imaginative costumes inspired by popular children's books? I'm looking for something that's simple to put together yet captures the essence of her favorite book characters.

If you've ever made a homemade costume for World Book Day or have any creative ideas to share, I would greatly appreciate your suggestions. Whether it's a beloved storybook character or a lesser-known gem, I'm open to all ideas that will make my daughter's World Book Day memorable and enjoyable.

Thank you for your help and creativity!

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Easy one… Aliens love underpants, just wear pants/shorts over clothes/onesie, make some antennas with a headband, pipecleaner and pom-poms.

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Brown trousers and brown paper hat with a few leaves stuck on.... stick man.

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We did Sophie from the tiger who came to tea. Also have done hungry Caterpillar - green tights, green t shirt and then I stuck felt eyes onto a red wooly hat.
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