Has anyone had a summer baby and held them back a school year?

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My little boy is due to start school in September but he will have turned 4 the week before (26/08) my health visitor when he was born told me because of his birthday if he’s not academically ready (he is but isn’t if that makes sense) then I can keep him back and him start at 5.

If anyone has done this could you please let me know how I go about it please?

Thank you..

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They dont really learn in reception it's more of an extension to nursery if you hold him back a year then he will go straight into year 1 and be the new kid.... Where's all the other children would of built friendships in reception.

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My son is also 26th August, 14 now. At the time I was willing for him to be born before the cut off date but now wish he had been born early September as always struggled.

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All that will happen if you hold them back is that they will go straight into year one rather than starting in reception. Most of the children will have been there for a year building relationships with their peers. Being the new kid is not always fun.... عرض المزيد

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I personally wouldn’t ny son was born 31st of aug and I sent him to nursery just as he turned 3 I think it’s helped him loads xx

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You CAN defer their starting year so they join reception aged 5. Not go straight into year 1.

My little girl struggles so much academically she's end of August.

She's in year 3 now and it hasn't got any better... the work is much harder in year 3 and I wish she was in the year below. Teachers don't make allowances for summer born children.

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My daughter is born the 27 August, and the way I see it is even if their not academically there they need the social side of things with the age children they will spend the next 10 years with and the first few weeks, months these friendships are made through playing.
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