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Just got off the phone with a company that helps you complete and self- publish your book…, they want either 6000.00 or 12000.00 USD.

For that you get a writing coach and all the help you need to self/ publish and marketing tips. Does this sound outta whack or is it in the ballpark?

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A good publisher will pay you to publish any work you do.. Not you pay them. If you need help with your work there is free information and help available. Eg local library's


And books written on the Subject of learning to write.

Never sign any contract untill you have read the contract thoroughly and talked to a solicitor about it.

Or you may find that you have signed your copyright away.

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The average self-published novel sells around 250 copies in its lifetime (figures vary, but not by much).

Assume you get (high) royalties of USD 4 a copy, just for easy calculations, and you do your own marketing at no cost, guided by their 'tips'.

Do the math.

Could you invest or spend USD 5000 or USD 11000 more effectively?

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You'd get a writing coach? If you need a writing coach why not take a writing course. They're cheaper than paying this. Also there are many free courses that will help you with self publishing.

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$6,000-+12,000 to self-publish? You can do that for free, minus professional editing costs.

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I defend a lot of things but no ... hell no!!! And how much?? Wtf and still hell no!!!!!! Ffs every bit of this says scam.

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You might as well give your book away. I tried to warn a poet in one of my groups I belong to. She was adamant to get her book in print regardless. She paid several thousands to a company. The book got put on amazon for £10 She told me she had 5 sales which were friends and family that she introduced to her book. So the vanities had got easy money as they just stuck it on amazon which she could've herself and been up £50 give or take amazon fees.

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Seems a little sketchy. What is the allure for you? Is it the help finishing the book? And if so, what help are you looking for? Or is it the help with self publishing in which case other resources could be offered to help with that.

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1. If you hand over that sort of sum they will be back for more.

2. Having spent so much already, a little more for whatever, might seem reasonable.

3. Let's be generous and say that you receive $5 for each book that you sell. To recoup the original $6,000 you will need to sell 1,200 books.

4. Oh...what value the writing course? How much more will you spend being on the course? Oh...what guarantee they'll deem that you have successfully

completed the course? Questions...questions...questions.

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There are hundreds of companies like that and they all take your money happily. You don't need them. You can find everything you need to know in books or online. There are courses available with Udemy and other vendors. YouTube has sources too. Like another person said: RUN.

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Atmosphere publishers will do it for under $5k but they get to choose whether to work with you. In other words, they’re a hybrid trad/self pub company. It’s a lot of work to publish a book, especially if you include editing and proofreading. My publisher (didn’t cost me anything because they’re trad) made me responsible for all editing and proofreading, and the publisher himself does artwork for the cover. So I don’t think it’s too outrageous

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