My little girl has special is needs.. Road blocks? Good or bad? Opinions?

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Post by Guest »

My little girl has special is needs… 11yrs though is extremely vocal (can speak , defiant but is working academically to that of a 4//5 yr old.

Question here pls.

Road blocks? Good or bad? Opinions?

Have tried sims and she loves that idea of virtually dressing up figures and building a social network around them.

Is it costly as she said I have to buy outfits and things.

She is persistent.  11 on the 21/2 so she is on my case…

Any advice or alternatives would be great. 

Thank you for reading this..

Post by Vicki »

If she enjoys SIMS why not buy the full game on PC or similar. It comes with masses of clothing, house accessories and everything else and you don't pay extra (unless you choose to add expansion packs like pets, seasons etc). Once initially purchased play is unlimited and free and with so many variants available, it will last her years (creatively speaking).

Post by Leanne »

Roblox is fine as long as possibly for now you keep the comments off and don’t allow anyone to add her as a friend (adjust the privacy settings) and explain to her the aspect of strangers possibly adding her (they will do that so they can swap animals on one of the platforms) and talk about online safety that’s age appropriate.

Mine all love it. I check regular but they are fully aware of the dangers of the online world!

Post by Sara »

Roblox is good when policed properly. I played with my kids for the first year so I could guide them. Yes it is easier and quicker to buy stuff with robux but I have never done it on my account and can play all the same stuff as the kids.

Post by Corinne »

Have a look at the toca apps or get something like a cheap Nintendo 2DS, they have a range of games called My Sims which she might like.

Post by Sam »

I hate Roblox! It’s glitchy and demanding and makes my kids ask for stuff to spend on nonsense. But it’s ok and there are lots of games to explore. It’s a good idea to restrict the games as some are scary, and to restrict who can add her as a friend too - there are parental controls, so do use them. I also restrict the chat options. You don’t have to spend at all; whatever you start doing you’ll have to continue though. I set mine up with a weekly amount of Robucks and no extra. I much much prefer Minecraft to be honest.

Roblox and Minecraft are a big social scene and will give her something to talk to her peers about.

Post by Kim »

Yes, it could actually help her. The site allows users to “Imagine, socialize, chat, play, create, interact and relate with others in many ways.” The Roblox Suite allows gamers to create their own game or create another world with friends or 'virtual explorers. Copied x

Post by Charlotte »

My 6- and 8-year-olds love it. Game is free. We have never brought any robux and are happy enough without. My daughter loves the sims as well. Have you tried her with zoo tycoon as they enjoy that too. Gd kuck.

Post by Alison »

Talking of swapping my daughter did once get upset because she wanted to swap something and then, for some reason or other, couldn't make the swap, but it went over my head at the time.
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