Can I use an image that looks similar to a well-known public figure for a book cover?

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Can I be held liable for a cover design using an image that looks similar to a well-known public figure, but not his actual picture?

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You could certainly be sued, if the person decides their image rights are breached. Successfully or not, only the court can decide.

The question is perhaps: how much time, money and hassle are you prepared to risk on a cover?

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I agree with the above. If it's possible to change it, not disruptive and not financially prohibitive, change it. For the sake of one face on a cover it's not worth the risk.

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I’m not a lawyer but….

I would think a public figure like Biden or Trump or Elon Musk probably okay.

Celebrities or athletes who make a living off their image not so much

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Are you doing that for marketing purpose?

If you are using Amazon, you may get "banned" eventually? Why go through what may pan out bad few weeks after publishing your work?

Unless you make money before the heat starts.

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You can be sued under the RIGHT OF PUBLICITY (meaning people own their own images); however, distorted images (cartoons) may be published under the artists' RIGHTS OF FREE EXPRESSION -- Copyright law. Understand, you can be sued for anything at any time, but only the court can determine if you are innocent or guilty.

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If you've got a picture of a celebrity that will confuse readers, unless the book is actually about them. Rule 2 of book design, don't confuse potential readers!

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