Every single day it is a battle with my child to get her to put pants and socks on

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Hi, I’m in desperate need of some help/ advice, every single day it is a battle with my child to get her to put pants and socks on, she is very specific and fussy and says all the socks give her “lumpies” and the pants give her ”wedgies” now I have tried going up sizes in both socks and pants but still the same response, plus the pants are too big, I’ve even bought seem free underwear, this is a serious stresser for both of us on the mornings, can anyone please recommend anything or does anyone have a child who is the same?

I’m thinking maybe medical advice? As maybe something underlying?

Post by Min »

It could be a sensory thing or it could be wanting more control over getting dressed. As she ever been given the chance to pick her own socks and underwear? Does she get to choose what she wears? Maybe before going down the sensory angle take it a step back. Start by relinquishing some control and handing it over, by relaxing and not taking the bait if there is resistance, just shrug it off and leave it. Sometimes when we get so caught up in the battle it can exacerbate the response.

Post by Gemma »

Sounds like a sensory processing disorder. my son's the same, he's currently going through the ASD assessment route. He will only wear cotton briefs and certain items of clothing. Probably buy multiple types of knickers of different types and see what she likes best x

Post by Amber »

My son was the same we ended up forgetting about boxers and socks not worth the fight stress or anxiety I don’t understand why people think it’s so important to make children wear them xx

Post by Lisa »

Sensory!! Try underpants instead and seamless socks.

Post by Louise »

Try socks on inside out so seams aren't an issue. There is conditions out there such as sensory processing disorder. Both my girls are autistic and underwear is a massive problem too.

Post by Danielle »

We haven't figured out socks I just let her go without or she wears fluffy slipper sock type ones if they can fit in her shoes/trainers. Girl boxers with the label cut out instead of standard knickers.

Post by Tracy »

Sounds like maybe a sensory issue. I would go to your GP for initial advice. M&S have a clothing range specifically to help with these issues. X

Post by Nicola »

Sounds like sensory processing difficulties. Occupational therapists can help with this. Is it just clothes or are other sensory things an issue?
There are website you can buy socks etc from. I would say though, as stressful as it is, she can't help it so try and stay calm or it will just add to the anxiety and make the situation worse. Good luck, it's not easy!

Post by Alex »

Try the boxer style pants. My son refused to wear briefs ages ago ago now because they felt wrong, that was how he could describe it. Trucks are a more comfy but snug fit for him.

There are seamless socks you could also try, they cost more but if she likes them it will be worth it

Post by Angela »

It sounds like sensory issues, i could not get my daughter after the age of approx 7 to wear pants or socks, she didnt like the double layering, she didnt like anything with a seam, i get her sensory leggings from marks and spencers and they have never been a problem,it wasnt until she just recently went the the high school it seemed to change, we stopped making a fuss about it and she seemed to relax more, the doctors told us its quite common.

Post by Lorraine »

Definitely sensory issues.

So you can try turning the socks inside out and seamless socks but ultimately, socks aren’t the end of the world if the above don’t work. Better to relieve the stress overload.

As for pants, I wore men’s boxers as a kid for this very reason (they do women’s ones now) but try any and all fits. There are many.

I’m autistic and are 3 out of my 4 kids and sensory issues are debilitating. It’s not just like it’s a little annoyance and something to just get over or put up with (I know you aren’t saying this) but the feeling is super distressing to say the least.

Worth speaking to a health visitor, gp and or school about these issues to see if anything else is going on.

Post by Pamela »

Having autistic children / young adults in my family ,only advice I can offer due to sensory issues ,

Turn socks inside out ( stitched toes causes irritation )

Cut labels out of underwear tops trousers as there triggers ,

We bought cotton short shorts instead of underwear to solve issues x

Post by Raina »

I have autism and with that sensory issues. I put my socks on inside out and wear boxers. Took years to figure out the underwear situation so would often go commando as a kid 😂 the sock thing I accidentally put them on inside out as a kid and have done since as they were more comfy

Post by Joanna »

Why do people always say it could be autism or ADHD it's only a pair of socks and knickers, there is a lot more to autism and ADHD than that, my grandson has ADHD and it has nothing to do with not wanting to wear this or that , just tell her that she can't go out without knickers on it's just not allowed, if it becomes to much of a problem just let her wear trousers to school without any pants and as for socks I wouldn't worry to much, she will soon want to wear them if her feet get cold.
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