I'm doing a 24 hour charity gaming marathon for Sands on twitch on Saturday

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Now I've never done 24 hours live before and wondering if anyone has and has any tips?! Random question I know!

Thank you in advance.

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Energy drinks or glucose powder in your coffee keep it exciting so viewer don't get bored and leave I used to use a broadcasting app 36 hrs live I did talking with people around the world, by the end my eyes were pointing different directions.

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Whatever you do don't consume loads of red bull, that stuff is dangerous in large doses. I'd recommend the day before rest and sleep as much as possible. Have some good coffee and high energy foods to hand. Nothing super sugary as it'll cause you to feel energised temporarily and then crash.

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Plan your games now, play a mix of stuff, at night play the games that keep you focussed and have a bit more energy, as soon as you play something really chill, you might get sleepy.

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Do you have someone who can briefly take over/answer questions when you need toilet breaks? They could also provide company and bring you food and drinks. Not doing it alone would be my tip.

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Cool! What games are you planning on Playing? I've made a note of your twitch name will try to pop on to see you. I reckon I could do 12 hours but 24.. I have seen 24 hour streams before though! Good luck!
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