My Gas and Electric are with EDF on a fixed rate to Sept 24

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Can anyone shed some light? My Gas and Electric are with EDF on a fixed rate to Sept 24. Our electric meter was a 2 rate reading meter (day / night).

Back in early November I was talked into a smart meter. Engineer A turned up and installed the kit quickly - left me with a in home display saying electric would be online within hours, gas could take a few weeks.

Display never worked - always said it was not commissioned.

I spent hours on the phone to EDF who eventually said there was an issue there end they were working on.

Come January I ran out of patience, my online account didn’t seem to recognise I had even had a smart meter installation so I rebooked one.

Engineer A returned - told me EDF have confirmed the electric was sending readings (despite me being told they were not)  and fiddled with the gas. I asked him to not leave before showing me it was working. I got pulled on to a work call and he left!

In home display now shows gas readings (not entirely sure they are right as EDF have now sent a letter asking for readings) but still not electric.

After a lot of fuss another Engineer (B) is booked. Engineer is very unimpressed - EDF have no record of the actual electric meter installed at our house - the serial number they have is completest different. The meter installed in a single rate meter. He reported it and left.

EDF have now closed the call. I can’t take readings as they don’t relate to the tariff I am on - I have no idea how they are going to work out the split if they are getting single rate readings and I still now no working in home display!

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Formal Complaint to Ofgem immediately.
Worked for energy company for years and they will jump with a referral from Ofgem.

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My sister had one installed by BG.
The engineer was moaning when fitting as an old house.
Since fitting my sister thought she could smell gas but partner couldn’t.
We stayed the other weekend and I could smell it too.
She called them back and a test valve had been left open. Absolutely shocking!!
I’m not sure the people fitting them have been trained properly?

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Digital display is rubbish, as soon as prices or contracts change ot doesn't work. Im with EDF and i got their app and view everything on the smart hub section on there. It shows all your daily charges but is a couple of days behind where you actually are.

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I had a smart meter fitted last year , the in home display did not work , then i heard of loop . I downloaded loop.and shortly after i noticed my in home display worked .. try it ? X

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And this is why I’m glad I told EDF where to stick their smart meters. I went on my account and there was an option to tell them not to keep offering it me.

I know I’ve cut back on my energy - coz we are purposely more conscious and I’m spending less. Don’t need some meter to tell me that.

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Smart meters aren't that smart. Refuse refuse refuse. Old skool all the way.

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Go to ofgem. Report. Say your worried etc. They trump customer service at EDF. Then tell EDF you've reported to Ofgem. I'd do that.
We are with octopus I use the online app with my smart meters all fine.

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Follow EDF complaints procedure then take it to the ombudsman. I did for exactly the same issue. I should have been on economy 7 but all my electric readings were 1 rate. I got £900 back and a new 2 rate meter reinstalled.
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