How should I start my Sci-fi story?

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I want to write this Sci-fi, adventure and alien invasion altogether in a script. Ideas are welcomed.

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Write it from the POV of the other race.

And the aliens landing are from Earth.

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Do what rob said, make it the POV of an alien recruit, who is on his first deployment and finds out that everything has been taught about his government/military, is a lie.

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Here... Have an alien race, a very advanced alien race, discover that there's something about humans that makes them good fuel... Like our being carbon based life. Have the aliens and their home planet and their fleet of spaceships run on carbon based life.

Now you've got a reason for a violent alien invasion. We're fuel to them. I'd probably have them roughly the same build as humans but have them made of titanium or some shit so that they're practically invincible.

Now we're being invaded and abducted by the millions and we're basically defenseless against our enemies. Bullets don't work. Nukes don't work. They're titanium based life, you cannot blow them up. Not possible.

Then let's give them an Achilles heel and say that..... Ummm..... Hydrogen is lethal to them if it enters their system. They have to breathe it or get injected with it, this is sci-fi so feel free to get creative, or maybe we discover that they're borax or bleach or ammonia or whatever literally makes their Teflon skin melt.. they have to have a weakness but we won't discover it until they've taken half of humanity. Obviously.

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This is something I don't grasp. My experience is that a story concept enters your head and then demands to be materialized. Can you really stay motivated to finish a story if it doesn't start as a part of you?

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Alien invasions are fun. Just remember every alien invasion story is never about the aliens. The aliens are a metaphor for something else. War of the Worlds it’s about colonialism. Invasion of the Body Snatchers is about McCarthyism/communism. Signs is about faith. Alien is sexuality. The Faculty is teenage insecurity. They Live is economic and social disparity.

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Apparently someone else who wants other people to write their book.

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Okay, go ahead. If you want other people to do it for you, it's not your story. Do your own work.

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Not being fond of tropes, I made my aliens gazelle-like, but bipedal. And I made them vegetarian farmers, who acquire other technologically advanced planets to exploit their farmland.

Moreover, their strategy is to convince other species that surrender is the “only practical decision.” Needless to say, militarily, they do have vastly superior weapons, able to leave most planets almost totally defenseless within a matter of days.

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You need to get a cheap notebook, make many notes about the stuff you want in your novel. Then join it together and turn it into a plot. When you’ve got your plot outlined, get writing. You really need your own ideas…

Read many other sci-Fi/ alien invasion novels. But stick to your own ideas; it what will make your book original

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"I want to write this Sci-fi, adventure and alien invasion altogether in a script."

No you don't. You have no inspiration. No ideas. No inspiration and no ideas means no motivation. No motivation means the book will never get written.

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Careful. Is this your first script? I made this mistake with my first script. I aimed for a fantasy action-packed adventure that... is way too expensive to make. Start with a low budget, high concept. I wish someone told me this 20 years ago. Either way, good luck on your writing.

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Watch and read those type of stories and ask yourself what you enjoy about those stories and how you can make your own story out of it.

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