My baby is 8weeks – he didn't gain weight

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Good day Drs, thank you for always helping out. My baby is 8weeks and his weight at 4weeks was 4.4kg and now he's 4.5kg means he didn't gain weight. Please what can I do? I've tried to do the EBF it doesn't seem enough for him and I've added formula and I know you advice against it. Again he doesn't sleep, what can I do to help him sleep well? He hardly sleeps at night and during the day.

Please I hate to feel like I'm not even trying at all, please help me. I was adviced to use Cypri gold, should I go ahead? What should I do please Dr?


BW: 3.3kg
8weeks: 4.5kg

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Note that a well fed baby should sleep well so you may want to look at the feeding.

Also check the room that it is well ventilated.

If your baby isn't sleeping well during the day too despite feeding well you may want to see a doctor.
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