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Amother thing I see mentioned a lot is 'Natural Writers' - Some people are definitely 'natural writers. We have Bella J Dark on our books. (Ginger Fyre Press) For those who don't know her or haven't heard of her, she is the world's youngest female author, at 5 years old. She is currently 6 years old and I am formatting her second book this week, using her own format.

And I know she is working on her third book. For her third book she needed to know some stuff. So, she googled it.

She has an idea and she runs with it and where applicable she does the research.

So far each of her stories have a powerful and positive message for other children. She is a natural writer.

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Hhhmmm sounds like propaganda for a kid who's parents did her science fair project. I would love to be wrong.

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Love this story! My mom kept all my childhood writing which I found after she died. I signed up for a writing course and have since written a book!

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Since you write promos for her, you might want to Google why you might not want to use the word female. Good luck, Bella! Keep writing!

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