Whenever he passes stool..

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Good afternoon ma'am
My son is about 3 weeks old
Whenever he passes stool
It sounds like he's purging
And he cries while doing so
He is exclusively breastfed
His poo is yellowish, sometimes watery sometimes semi solid
Please ma'am should I be worried?

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The most important thing is the texture of the stool.

If the stools are not watery, there's nothing to worry about even if the baby passes the stools 12 times a day.

It is normal for exclusively breastfed babies to poo up to 12 times in a day or not poo at all for up-to 2 weeks. As far as the poo is normal (yellow/mustard colour and egusi-like) & not watery (watery stool sinks into the diaper like urine), there is no cause to worry nor give anything.

Continue breastfeeding exclusively.

But if stool sinks in the diaper like urine, see a Paediatrician.
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