Do other authors appreciate good reviews more than money?

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Do other authors appreciate good reviews more than money or is it just me?

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Both are nice!

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If I could write a book that made me happy, and a million people that hated it would buy it just to hate it? That would be fine with me. : )

Post by Wade »

I do. Reviews are worth more than gold to me.

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How crass. Pay for a review?? When I set out to write I just wanted to receive praise for my work. I will probably never recoup the money I have spent on my books but I have had some wonderful reviews. They keep me warm at night.

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A book loved by many will have its share of negative reviews, as well as a book that is hated will have its share of good reviews, but I still appreciate the bad reviews as well as the good ones as the bad reviews are showing me things I should change for my next book

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