My 5 month old baby stool is greenish instead of yellow

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Good day Dr, Please for 3day I notice my 5 month old baby stool is greenish instead of yellow with mustered seed like eguis, am worried cos he on exclusive breastfeeding...

His brith weight is 3.7 and his current with is 6.5kg

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Kindly note that greenish stools suggest inadequate feeding and indication that the baby is not being well fed.

starvation stools may also be a reflection of some pigments in your own food or drug intake.

Breast feed on demand and empty one breast thoroughly before switching to the next during feeding. Check your food and all intakes generally.

However, some forms of diarrhoea can also cause greenish stool so make sure you practice utmost hygiene around the baby by regular handwashing, keeping feeding utensils clean.

But if the greenish poo persists, see a Paediatrician for further management.
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