My 18 months old son is always acting aggressive

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.. Whenever he’s angry he throw things away in anger and he hit his head on d floor.

Please, How can I control it?

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You can try these tips
1. Try to give toddlers some control over little things
2. Keep off limit objects out of sight and out of reach
3. Distract your child: offer something else as replacement
4. Reduce stress
5. Know your child's limits
6. Plan ahead: Know when your child is likely to get tired or hungry
7. Give advance warning
8. Be consistent
9. Avoid situations
10. Praise good behavior

However if he is doing so VERY FREQUENTLY it may be a pointer in addition to other signs of an underlying developmental disorder

Kindly DON'T BEAT infants. Take him away from the place and don't allow him to injure himself. Give him a distraction and alternative thing to do.
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