I noticed my baby's poo change.. I don't know if it's diarrhea

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Good morning docs. Yesterday I noticed my baby's poo change. First it was watery and sinks into the diaper , second it was greenish not watery though,, dark green with yellow patches then thirdly it was the regular poo with little blood Patches. So I looked her to the hospital that evening, after explaining the symptoms to the paediatrician he asked a few questions which I answered, then he wrote vitamin B complex syrup 2.5ml and Augmentin 2.5 ml which I gave her at night. This morning again she poop and again it was very watery and sank into the diaper. I don't know if it's diarrhea. She's on EBF.

B.w 3.5kg
C.w 8kg
She's 16 weeks

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You need to give some time/days for the drugs to start working.

But you can go back to the hospital if you feel the baby isn't getting better.

We do hope your baby is on exclusive breastfeeding.
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