Depression v.s Writing

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Does anybody else get depressed when they have nothing to write?

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Sometimes I get depressed when I'm writing. It depends on what I am writing about. Currently, I am researching the sexual trauma enslaved Africans (men as well as women and young children) endured during their time on the slave ships, plantations, and on breeding farms. Some of the material I've encountered angers and depresses me to know that human beings treated other human beings in such a vile, cruel, and heartless manner.

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I've found my anxiety has skyrocketed since I stopped actively working on my manuscript (awaiting feedback). Therefore, I've decided to write some short stories and begin work on book 2, so that I've got something to think about when I wake up in the middle of the night (or find myself in social situations) and my mind doesn't spiral into needless worrying.

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There is always something . I have lots of projects I can pick up on. Or I might write to prompts or exercises - I have a huge list or can look online or in one of my writing books.

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