What's the rule about resubmission to agents?

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What's the rule about resubmission to agents? I queried 33 in February, all rejected, one almost, but I've made SIGNIFICANT changes to the first half of the book and actually feel it's just NOW truly ready, but I've already queried. There are a FEW I haven't queried yet, who taken taken I write (it isn't much, as I don't write to market), but... Thoughts?

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Quarried is an apt way of saying it. Requires a lot of digging... and hunting.

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Give it to a beta reader and they'll tell you why it's being rejected.

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Each one likely lists their requirements. I think about every 6 months is safe though since they don't even read most submissions, leaving their automated filters to prune out certain key words or to flag too many spelling errors in thr initial manuscript portion submitted.

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Agencies change their staff all the time so it's very possible the agent you submitted your genre to the last time may not be there anymore. As it's specific agents within an agency you direct your pitch to, it's worth checking and submitting again.

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I'm with John with the caveat that if the rejection gave some suggestion that they'd be open to a revised submission, then ok. But as John said, generally, a no is a no.

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Don't resubmit to an Agent with the same book, unless they asked you to.

Has to be a new book.

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