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So I get frequent pain in upper left side (abdomen) and spreads to right side been to hotpsital they said I have chronic gastritis “ but I also have a couple small pollups on galbladder . They actually don’t know what’s causing the pain so they said my option was 1 to take PPI’s for 3 months and see if it helps. Or 2 removed galbladder! (which I think is insane because they don’t even know if it’s my galbladder or not).

Problem is I’m not keen on taking PPI’s as I’ve heard how bad they are for you. Has anyone had gastritis and can help with advice on what to do for it ? Is there something else other than PPI I can take to calm this down?

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I have chronic gastritis. I used to have really bad pains, which would come and go. I also had liver problems and did a detox, which ended in a fast. I think the detox was amazing for the gastritis as well, as it forced me to eat super clean and the gastritis was also better after it.

Now I don't drink coffee and limited alcohol as that has always caused flare ups. I also limited tomatoe based foods like bolognaise or chilli and garlic. I do not drink cows milk but can have some jogurt and cheese.

My stomach is much better now and I don't have as many flare ups as I used to.
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