I'm looking for a really good probiotic

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I'm in Western Australia, so would like something available local.

Thank you

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Local, organic, fresh, unwashed vegetables have their own natural microbiome and if you don't wash to sterilization (as done with supermarket-supplied produce) and eat many of these uncooked, you will get a wide range of inocculating microbes. Such food is pre and pro biotics. The trick is to make them stick and multiply within your gut.

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I had amazing results using Megasporebiotics. Combined with NAC, lgutamine and a gluten free diet it helped heal my gut and therefore helped my auto immune disease immensely. It works differently than other probiotics. Rather than putting common good bacteria back in your gut, Megaspores bacteria go through you killing some really bad bacteria like hpylori and then they exit. This allows your own good bacteria to multiply and colonise without competition from any bad bacteria. Problem is you can only get it at certain practitioners or online. I get mine from 5th element wellness in Victoria. Negatives are it's expensive and if you start too fast it can have strong detox effects from the dying bad bacteria. I only do one or two courses of it a year now and it keeps working for a long time afterwards but that's because I make sure I consume prebiotic foods.

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Modere Probiotic is the best.
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