I feel nauseous, bloated and have stomach cramping almost daily

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I guess I’m just looking for some advice on where to go next. Today marks one year since I started one of the toughest journeys of my stomach problems.

This time last year I was driving home from work when I got severe stomach cramps and felt like I had to immediately use the bathroom.

Since then it has progressively gotten worse.

Even to the point where I ended up in hospital and was on a liquid diet in March last year as I couldn’t stomach any foods.

A year later and I’ve lost 27kgs and it’s still going. I feel nauseous, bloated and have stomach cramping almost daily.

I have cut out most of my foods except for plain chicken, veggies, dry biscuits and toast.

Have seen a dietician and a gastroenterologist but still aren’t any closer to getting answers as to what is going on with my stomach.

Some days I can be running to the toilet every 10 minutes and then the next I don’t go for a few days.

It’s getting to the point where I don’t know what to do anymore I’m basically living off anti nausea medication to get my through the day.

I have tried several medications with not much relief either.

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Everyone else has some good suggestions. Whatever you do, include getting off PUFAs (look it up). It won't make rapid changes immediately but will definitely set you up to heal in the long term.

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My friend was about to have surgery because of long term bowel problems.

I suggested probiotics to her but didn't tell her what to get.

Received a msg from her recently saying she had bought good old yakult.

One bottle a day and she said she felt better than she had for years after just one week.

She was totally thrilled.

Probably won't work like that for everyone but it did wonders for her.

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Do not believe anyone who tells you that you do not need to be eating gluten to be tested for Coeliac Disease. It is not true according to Coeliac Australia. The only true diagnosis is to be eating gluten for 6 weeks prior to blood tests ( not the gene test) and before at least 6 duodenal biopsies taken during gadtroscopy. False negatives are a strong possibility based on information currently used by Coeliac Society.

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Oh you poor luv. I hear you...seriously, mainstream medico's are very restricted by their one sided training. They still have very little real education on nutrition...after having been through a very similar scenario I would suggest you find a really competent Naturopath who will slowly help you back to health. All these symptoms are reversible with the right nutrients and diet. Hope you recover soon.

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Could it be Giardia? I had a very bad experience & actually diagnosed myself. The meds the Drs recommend now did not do the trick until I found out from another long suffering lady who had been going from specialist to specialist, not game to go out & eat. The tablets were Fasigyn.

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Find a good naturopath specialising in gut health.
Try your local community group for recomendations.

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If the drs have ruled out everything on their end I would try a naturopath. They can be amazing at helping heal the gut.

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Are you allergic to chicken? It can be an allergen.
I’d try Chinese supplements and try drinking pomegranate juice and other non inflammatory soups that are homemade. Can you do the elimination diet?

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I’m not sure what age you are but I had similar and was diagnosed with IBS at the age of 26.. I had to cut all dairy & gluten completely & I mean completely. No cheese, no chocolate as people who claim to be dairy free still tend to have cheese on their pizza and chocolate.. Its very very hard to eliminate dairy & I slipped up multiple times but once I eliminated it completely all my symptoms went away. It’s hard to stick to tho.
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