The fourth year with digestion issues

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I thought I was going well at the end of last year and the beginning of this, but again same issues. I have been told by many naturopaths is all stress, but I don't have any more stress than every other person on this planet. So it can't be all just stress.

I eat clean and exercise 2-3 times per week. I drink filtered water. I have 54kg.

I have fullness/indigestion/pain in the upper middle stomach after any food.

Now for two weeks. Also, tightness in my neck. No reflux. This also happens in the morning even though I haven't eaten since 5-6 pm the night before. Also burning and burping sometimes. Constipation is bad. On holidays I haven't had constipation once.

I have been seeing a psychologist to do hypnotherapy, it was helpful, but now I can't seem to find an available appointment for a month. Did so many tests. Ultrasounds, MRI, and Endoscopy at the end of the year showed nothing. Tried a pharmacy of supplements. I was never on Nexium. Did a complete microbiome test, Sibo and H pylori tests MANY times. I had Sibo in 2020 and 2021 but never had H pylori. Last year did Sibo test and it was good. The complete microbiome test last year showed some bacteria but in the past was so bad. The naturopath even commented that the results are better than his.

I have to say that I did feel better when I was on a holiday for three weeks.

I have tried different diets and supplements, but I always have some digestion problems. I don't eat refined sugar, bad oils, dairy and gluten. I also did try egg-free, starch, grain-free, beans, tomatoes, corn, and soy (probably more things) but it didn't make any difference. I did many food intolerance tests.

I am stressed when I have these episodes more than usual, to be honest. But again going in a circle for four years now and working with many naturopaths and functional doctors, but no improvements I think everyone would. I tried acupuncture and kinesiology...

Can you please give me any advice? Thank you

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I had years of digestive issues mostly die to autoimmune issues. It's a circle that goes round and round. Bacterial and viral plus stress exposure can be part of the cause of gut issues such as leaky gut, candida, sibo and sifo and in the long run cause autoimmune issues. Autoimmune issues can then cause gut issues to worsen and you are on this merry go round. I did years of dietary changes and not much helped.

I have never had reflux issues and my doctor just said to eat better but my blood tests were great. At 55 they still are great. I took so many probiotics and I noticed nothing. In 2019 a particular probiotic from the States called Megasporebiotic was the beginning of huge improvements for me.

I just have to stipulate I didn't give up all that I was already doing. It was an additive to my other things I did and together I saw improvements. For the first year I took megaspore at the hishest dose and it was expensive. Then I took a lower dose for the next year after that. Then twice a year I did a course of it.

Now I do one course of it a year. I also took NAC with it. The two together work well.

Both have big detox effects so a warning to introduce them very slowly...if you decide to take them. Maybe ask to have tests for autoimmune conditions. The thyroid, over and under active can really mess with digestion. It's becoming a very common illness these days.

Many doctors miss it because we don't always have all of the common obvious symptoms.

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Maybe low digestive enzymes.

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My hubby just went into surgery. After 20 yrs of reflux problems regardless what diet, food intake. Having laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication to fix reflux and his esophagus acid burns after umpteen tests.

all going well.

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Burning and burping, but no reflux? That's odd.
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