Start making the diet the enemy

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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It’s not the bread that’s bad.

It’s the depriving and then binging of bread that makes you feel out of control

When you allow yourself to have it when you want it while honoring your hunger and your fullness… you no longer feel out of control!
  • Stop making the food the enemy.
  • Start making the diet the enemy.
Start looking at what you tell yourself about food! Is food really the enemy? Or is the information we’ve been told skewed?

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And no food is not your enemy you can still have great meals with way less net carbs

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I was drooling over your corn and looked it up I didn’t think we can eat corn. One ear of corn is 19 carbs

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No. It definitely can be the bread that is bad. Especially white bread.

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Keto is a way of life.

I don’t crave OR binge eat bread.

I also don’t categorize food as good or bad.

Eat your non keto plate of food all you want.

Most of us are eating keto to eat more cleanly AND to keep the pounds off.

When you do keto properly - you don’t crave bread.

I have zero desire to eat bread and corn - as it is simply not worth it in any possible way for what I’m trying to achieve/maintain.

There are sooo many yummy option that are so satisfying and don’t involve that kind of a carb count.

Eat whatever the heck you want.

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Why would you come on a keto platform when you clearly have your own nutrition agenda/business. Keto is to help reduce sugar and carb cravings which are a scientificly proven occurrence. It is also for people who need to do it for medical reasons. No one ever said food is the enemy and you have to do keto to deprive yourself. Your post is not helpful on this page.

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Sorry dude that looks dry AF. If I cheat, which I rarely do, I do it with something that’s worth it.

But like someone else said if you eat keto properly there are no bread cravings. It would be nice if you didn’t preach your weakness for carbs here to normalize “cheating”. Keto is no depriving yourself, food is not and has never been the enemy. Sorry you feel this way about this amazing diet/lifestyle.

Maybe think about leaving for a low carb group. What you do is not keto.
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