The scan shows no fetal pole but fluid in my right ovary

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Good morning doctor, I tested positive to both blood and urine. But I started having stomach pain yesterday morning after which I run to the hospital, I was given paracetamol injection and was asked to conduct scan.

The scan shows no fetal pole but fluid in my right ovary.

The doctor placed me on rocephine injection and augmenting tablet. please how safe are this drugs and is it still early for scan to detect a baby.

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We don't know the reason the doctor placed you on this 2 antibiotics. It could be life saving for you. Kindly confirm from the doctor. The advice here is to repeat the scan in 2 weeks if the fetal pole is not there after 2 weeks then that means the pregnancy is not viable- it could blighted Ovum meaning no life in the embryo.
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