Doing cardio first thing in the morning, or fasting till lunch?

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What’s more important? Doing cardio first thing in the morning, or fasting till lunch?

If I do cardio in the morning I can’t fast.

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best way (for me) to lose weight fast is to do cardio in the morning and hold out as long as I can before eating- but everyone is different

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I also found out doing cardio every day is not a good thing because then your body between the fasting and the cardio is putting into flight and fight way too much and then you hold on to your fat more so I found walking in the pool at a slow pace but like marching and jogging slowly but moving my muscles was helping me lose more weight then getting in there and trying to run and keep heavily activated for my time in the pool it was too much of a combination the fast and the cardio it’s better to exercise do strength training and fasting and the days you do cardio don’t fast

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Doing cardio when fasting is the best. If you listen to Thomas Delauer's "How to break a fast", you'll learn he said"If you eat, then do cardio. Probably you should just not do it." Because there isn't much benefit of doing cardio after eating a meal. I do Treadmill HIIT fasting on a 48hr extended fast. I feel amazing.

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Fast, diet is much more important than exercise.

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Cardio exercise puts your body under stress, which releases cortisol, which causes glucose to be made in your body. This will increase your insulin making it nearly impossible to burn your fat stores, and you will be hungrier as well and less likely to keep a fast. While on keto, keep your exercise aerobic or hiit.

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I fast and then I come back I need a good meal which is got high amounts of protein I do a pee protein shake along with eggs and stirfry veggies it doesn’t mean you have to fast for a long time just get your cardio away when you first wake up in the morning then come back and eat

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Can you do the fast and do the cardio later In the day? I’ll tell you I lost most of my weight though by diet alone w fasting. I’ve lost a total of nearly 70 lbs now. Excersize can be helpful though if you’re talking a big weight loss because loose skin can be an issue and excersizing can help w that. Also losing weight no faster than 2 lbs a week helps w the loose skin issue too. Cardio can help and weight training even more so.
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