Changing to something like Fiasp would not make a difference

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Has anyone else tested positive for elevated levels of insulin antibodies (IAA) after decades of type I? My glucose levels have been raging in recent months despite taking huge amounts of insulin daily after nearly 40 years of T1 decent control.

I suspected insulin resistance, but primaty Dr said the antibodies issue is different, similar to the antibodies that originally killed off the beta cells. He said changing to something like Fiasp would not make a difference and said U500 insulin might be needed. I am going to start seeing an endo again within a few weeks.

It's extremely frustrating and unpredictable.

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That is insulin resistance... I'd suggest getting a second opinion. Before starting insulin resistant meds (I'm type one since 2000) I was taking over 100u a day and still having issues. After getting on meds I take an average of 45u a day and have more stable blood sugar.

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Honestly, you should try to use a t2 med along with your normal meds.

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I know this is out of the norm, BUT it’s my norm. Whenever I have unexplained highs and insulin is not doing anything, I cut my insulin in half and my sugars instantly come down.

A few examples this week alone:

Woke at Tuesday at 5am with a sugar of 43. Way over ate and was 300 by 8am. Took my insulin and Symalin and teetered around 200 until 3pm. Went to the gas station and got a diet pop and a pack of hostess cupcakes. Took 2 units of insulin. An hour later I was dropping and stayed around 100 the rest of the night.

Woke up Wednesday morning at 3am and sugar was 230. Took 2 units of insulin and went back to bed. Woke up at 6am and was still 200. Got around for PT. No food. No drink. An hour later I was 300. Got home, ate, took insulin & Symalin and my sugar was fine the rest of the day.

Woke up this morning and was 140. Ate a donut for breakfast (it’s been a tough week) and took 2.5 units of insulin. I’ve been in range 70% of the day so far.

Anyways, too much insulin makes my sugar high. If I’m high and eat something (not so great) and take just a little bit of insulin, my sugar drops and I stay in range. I know this isn’t normal. Doctors don’t believe me. They think if my sugar is high, give me more insulin, and it will come down. It doesn’t. I go higher and higher. It is a vicious circle. I had to take matters into my own hands to prove to them! 
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