My dog ate a bone.. Any advice? Will he be okay if I leave him for work?

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So my dog ate a bone that was outside in my yard… which obviously should not have been there. I didn't know it was there and he grabbed it and chewed on it for a little and I could not get it out of his mouth.

Last time he ate a bone it was fine and he threw it up and the vet told me to give him canned food to wrap around the bone. I also have him some bread.

So, that’s what I did this time too. But I’m nervous because this bone was a little bigger and he hasn’t thrown it up yet and I work all day so I’m nervous he will throw it up and eat it again or even worse choke on it while I’m gone.

He is acting completely fine right now and he ate it yesterday evening. Any advice? Will he be okay if I leave him for work?

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The bread should help. Is there anyone that can check on him while you’re away? If he hasn’t thrown up or shown discomfort it may just pass without issue but I understand your concern. Having someone check may give you piece of mind. If this is a frequent issue you should consider teaching the “drop it” command and having a better treat available

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If it's a raw bone I wouldn't be overly concerned his stomach will digest it easily his poo might be a bit chalky but that's to be expected. I feed my 4 fresh bones regularly and in all my years of owning dogs I've never had a problem.

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Stay home today or have someone stay with him. Not worth the worry and risk that he can run into an urgent issue and he’s alone.

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Put pressure around his belly to see if there's any discomfort. If there’s no sign of discomfort, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.
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