I wanted to see what other people recommend for itchy skin on your dog!

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I’ve googled some answers as well but I wanted to see what other people recommend for itchy skin on your dog, My 7 month old frenchie itches herself a lot but I know its not the food because shes on a raw meat block diet. Its always right on her bottom if that helps.

She scratches herself with her legs, not bum scooching.


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It could definately be the food. Our pup with allergies had a huge reaction to raw.

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My chihuahua was scratching and rubbing her bottom on the rugs. Took me a long time to figure out that she’s allergic to chicken. And Turkey. I got food with no poultry and she’s doing great!

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All depends on what the issue is. I’d first stop with raw as it’s not an appropriate diet.

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Maybe a grass allergy, we had to remove all the grass in the yard and put in beach stone...and she stopped breaking out underneath her...

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Wsava compliant brands like purina, hills, royal canin and iams have gone through rigorous training to ensure they are safe and nutritionally balanced for your pet. I’d recommend one of those. They get a lot of bad press because of propaganda from boutique food brands but they are actually the safest foods to feed.

If you don’t want to feed one of those, avoid anything that’s grain free (it’s linked to heart problems).

Also, it’s recommended to slowly change a dogs diet to avoid diarrhoea. If you do change the diet slowly mix in kibble with the raw you’re currently feeding. 25% kibble with 75% raw for a week then 50:50 for a week then 75% kibble 25% raw then full kibble. If your dog gets diarrhoea try changing slower than this.

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Raw can 100% trigger allergies. If my raw fed guy eats any type of bird he gets itchy, red ears and red splotches.

Environmental allergies are a lot more common then food, especially in puppies. If you’ve started using new cleaners or laundry detergent it could be that. Even if it’s not new, maybe try unscented or “clean” laundry detergent instead.

Some young pups just get super itchy and flaky while they are growing. Adding salmon or other omega oils to their food can help a ton.

Also because it’s mentioned above, food allergy tests are not reliable. You’d need to do an elimination trial to figure out if certain foods are causing the itching. I’m pretty sure environmental allergy testing can be helpful though.

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I've seen lots of videos where they give their dogs at bath and rub coconut oil all over their skin. They said in the videos it was OK for them to lick it off so try that.

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More likely to be diet, cut out the main allergy “triggers” i was advised to start with rabbit or venison raw and gradually add different types in to see what she can tolerate and what she can’t. Poultry, beef, lamb are usually the main culprits.
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