Needing to lose 120lbs

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Hi all... Needing to lose 120lbs. I had a hysterectomy in February followed by a knee injury in April (and now know  I have severe osteoarthritis... cartilage is worn right down to almost nothing in my knee) and although I had seen success losing with Noom prior to surgery I'm seeing no results now that I'm in menopause.

I'm looking to delve into Keto land in more of a lazy, dirty kind of way to start and I hope to see some results. Losing ay amount of weight will only help my mobility. My bloodwork is great, blood pressure high-normal... stress on my knees is too much.

What helped you see success consistently?

Is there any handy info on portion sizes I need to follow?

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Take a before photo! It’s helped me see my progress so much better being able to compare.

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I think that is realtive to how big you are or arent, maybe? Ive been trying lazy keto and am only down 4lb in 2 weeks, but walked past the mirror and thought my face looked different.

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i struggle to notice but others started noticing around 30 lbs down which was about 3-4 months in…

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I went without seeing a friend for about 6 weeks and she noticed the first time I came around her… The people I see a couple times a week haven’t noticed. And I’ve lost about 20 pounds
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