Horner's syndrome or Neurological

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Hi everyone I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas. My dog has had this happen to his eye only on one side a month ago and now its on both his eyes. We've taken him to a vets who only checks basics as we don't have him insured for a private vet and they said they think it'd horners syndrome or neurological.

They've given some different medications like steroids and now one for neurological problems but nothing seems to be helping. They've said he could go to a private vet and get brains scans or more checks but that will cost thousands without insurance.

He's so down in himself it's heartbreaking and he's only a young dog.

Has anyone got any ideas what else it could be?

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Take to a vet and if one did it why didn't you take him to the vet before now.

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Looks like cherry eye. I'd get a second opinion with a different vet

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Make a go fund me if you need to- to cover a specialist. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to help animals. All adds up and I know first hand how expensive any vet visit is.
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