She is shaking her head, scratching ears

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Advice needed... My 8 yr old pitbull has re occurring "ear infections" She has seen several different vets, all say ear infections. One gave me zymox a couple times, one put a packing in ears, one an antibiotic... Well she is shaking her head,scratching ears, one ear has a brown/green drainage and outer ear is red and inflamed...

What now? She is miserable!!

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You need to find the underlying cause which is most likely allergies.

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My pit mix dogs have the same problem with ear infections. I switched their food to PPP sensitive skin and stomach salmon formula and the ear infections have practically stopped. Chicken is a common ingredient for allergies, so if your dog's food has chicken in it, try switching to a food that doesnt have it in the ingredient list.

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Pitty's are notorious for allergies and sensitivities, whether it's diet or environmental. As far as food allergens Chicken egg, dairy, corn, soy, beef and wheat gluten are the most common. You could try an elimination diet to start to see if that helps. Begin with a formula that is chicken product free (be sure to read ingredients carefully) and try for a few months then go down the list of chicken isn't the culprit. Many times a change in diet to eliminate an allergen will eliminate the ear infections. If you want to take it a step further you could always have allergy testing done with your vet as this can tell you exact allergies food or environmental. Good luck

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Have you tried changing her diet at all? Chronic ear infections from yeast build up were on of the food allergies symptoms we dealt with for so long until we found a good food for our boy.
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