Toy suggestions?

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No matter the toy my pit can shred it. Not only destroys in seconds but is starting to eat it and luckily has been able to pass pieces. I want to just not give her any but I’m out of ideas for entertainment while no one is home. Even if her and the other dog have toys, they find a way to stick their paws out and chew up things outside the cage.

Really wish I could afford and had the time, more so the time to drop them to daycare but with 2/3 human babies in daycare there’s no way!

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The only thing I suggest, is getting a pack of tennis balls. Throw one when they come back with it toss another one, and pick up the one they dropped. Play with them before and after kennel time. It worked with my pits who chewed up everything including the carpet. After doing that they stopped.

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I heard bullymake boxes have durable toys just expensive.

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Only things that have held up decently to my pit mix are femur bones, large jolly ball, and the hardest rubber Kong toys. Everything else gets destroyed in no time.

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I get barkbox they have a chewers box and if your dog destroyed the toy they send you another one.

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Have you tried jolly ball for horses? If you get the ones with a handle she might chew that but I think the ball itself would be pretty safe because it's too big to get a mouth around.

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The spot bamboo toys hold up to our strong chewer!
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