Looking for over the counter medication ideas for a dog with arthritis

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NOTE: I have heard good things about Dasuquin.

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CBD! We have our dog topical ointment and treats and they did WONDERS

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Yumove 100%. Changed my dogs life.

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if not severe Dasuquin or Cosequin if you can't afford the first.

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Fish Oil. One of the surgeons we spoke with regarding an unrelated issue to arthritis gave us a brochure published by the Univ. of Wisc. which highly recommended fish oil for arthritis pain --- in addtion to anti-imflammatories.

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I wouldn’t give anything OTC. No human pain meds are safe for animals. I see a holistic vet to help with my dog’s hip dysplasia. We do a few different therapies and they have done wonders!

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Glucosamine, my dog was limping, I started giving it to her and it’s helped a lot. It to 2-3 weeks to see the change. I ran out and it took a while to get a new supply and she started limping again, a few days after giving them to her again she showed big improvements.

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Dasuquin is the best thing for joint health. My cat had a limp for a year and it was the only thing that helps. I'd recommend sprinkling it on their food from a capsule. Seeing results can take 4-6 weeks.

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OP there’s lots of comments on here suggesting CBD. CBD hasn’t been proven to be safe for pets yet, preliminary testing suggests it may cause kidney problems. That’s why vets don’t recommend it. Most otc CBD also contains THC which is toxic to dogs so if you choose to use CBD at least make sure it’s a brand with no THC
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