Sudden onset of a head tremor that lasted on and off for 5 days

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Has any vets or pet owners seen something like this before? Any answers?

Sudden onset of a head tremor that lasted on and off for 5 days, only noticeable or only appears during relaxation/sleeping.  No major change in behaviour (possibly resting more), eating and drinking as normal, toileting as normal, Nil other symptoms. Took her to the vet and everything was normal including bloods however they did say a mild increase in lymphocytes but only by 0.2 above normal. The tremor has since gone and haven’t seen it happen again however I’m wondering if I should just bite the bullet and see a neurologist for peace of mind?

2yr old border collie mix desexed female. Rescue pup so don’t know first year of life however nil health concerns thus far and no regular medication besides monthly flea and tick tablets.

My thoughts were:
- Idiopathic head tremor, however very atypical breed
- Some form of pesticide/insecticide toxicity (I coincidentally wormed her that morning before the tremors started)
- some other underlying disease myself and my vet don’t know about

Any experience or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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So that is a seizure. Seizures are caused by things inside the brain or outside the brain such as liver shunts, blood sugar issues, etc.

A neurologist may not hurt. I work for once actually and they may want diagnostics to rule out things such as brain tumors, hydrocephalus, etc. likely is idiopathic epilepsy.

You mentioned your dog is on oral flea and tick meds- I’d stop those immediately. They have the ability to lower seizure threshold in dogs prone to seizures so it’s never recommended to have them on that if having seizures. Maybe seresto collar or a topical would be more beneficial.
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