7 year old cat.. Since he was a kitten, he had constant diarrhea

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Hi there! I have an almost 7 year old cat. Since he was a kitten, he had constant diarrhea, so our vet put him on Hill's GI Biome and we take him in about every 4-6 weeks for gland expression. Overall he has been great up until the last 2 years. He hasn't had diarrhea, but now he obsessively licks his stomach (mostly around his nipples) until its raw and bleeds. When it starts to get uncomfortable for him he starts to act out (pooping outside his litter box).

Our vet said it's probably an allergic reaction and started giving him depo-medrol whenever he would have a flare-up, which has been about every 3 or 4 months for the last 1.5-2 years. Since it's still been a recurrent issue they've said they can no longer keep giving him the shot, did bloodwork that all came back normal and have not yet figured out a cause or permanent solution.

Nothing in his environment has changed, his food hasn't changed and he's a strictly indoor cat.

Looking for any suggestions or advice of things we can try or look into further with out vet. If it makes a difference, we also have a 5 year old dog with no allergy issues.

Thanks in advance!

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I would check out a different food. Hills specifically made my dog really sick. Royal Canin seems to have some good options.

Check expiry dates.
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