I hava 19yr old tortishell cat and she is on supplements and thrynorm

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.. How do you know when they are suffering. Shes sleeping lots drinking lots and eatting very little.

She seems fine when shes sleeping and she is now blind.

Shes not yowling unless she wakes and wants to know mummys there the rest of the time she seems happy to go for a wounder. Its so hard as I don't know if there in pain.

I've asked vets and they have very plain said if not in ovbious distress leave her be if they where there cat but I cant loose this extreme anxiety over needing to know as I'm so worried.

I've had her since 6wks.

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Has her kidney function been tested? Kidney disease is very common in cats, I just lost my girl to it last week. Also high blood pressure can cause vision loss. Make sure that's tested, too.

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In my opinion, if she's still eating and still looking to you for cuddles it's probably not yet time. But remember, always best to let them go on a good day... don't wait too long.

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Both my seniors had thyroid issues. I noticed excessive thirst and losing weight with one. I’ve had and learned a lot about cats thru those 17 years- diabetes also since cats do not drink a lot normally. Just my own personal advice from what little knowledge I have. Definitely seek a vet asap.

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My criteria is when your pet chooses to not do something they love to do because of pain or fatigue of illness. I’ve had a few blind pets that do wonderfully. Only you can judge her quality of live vs her anxiety. I’d rather be one day early than one day too late.
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