The vets now think it may be a behavioural issue

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Hello everyone, I'm chasing a collective of experiences to assist my dog getting the right treatment from my vet please read thoroughly before you comment.

Just seeing if anyone has been in a similar situation to us and our minature pinscher..

For several years now he has had an ongoing issue (he paces around the house spinning in circles looking at his bum , all night literally from 830 pm to 630 am usually longer he can't settle he gets manic to the point it's affecting our sleep and everything else that comes with lack of sleep..)we have had endless vet trips and to this day seem to be bleeding money with no result.

We have seen several vets and been informed it's allergies.

He didn't get  allergy issues until about 3 years old.

We were issued apoquel with little to no result , a relaxant with no result and nerve medication as over the years the issue has continued with no conclusion and a recurring issue for my dog we have tried the cytopoint injection again with no result. The vets now think it may be a behavioural issue.

I am torn and thinking maybe the vets we have seen are over looking soemthing as the issue is getting worse he now vomits from time to time and has started panting when the issue arrives nearly every second day if not everyday .

He is well looked after , he lives inside and he has had his food changed from the first instance this happened to a low allergen food again with no result.

Just to reiterate I'm not chasing medical advice , I'm sourcing similar experiences so I can suggest tests and assist my dog in getting a prognosis from a vet .

Thanks for taking the time to read and share your similar issue/experience with your pet and vet result.

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Does he bother at his ears or lick his feet? Have the anal glands been checked

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there is also a vegetarian food with no meat protein, but a protein plant based source, maybe check out Natural Balance on the veggie one and look into carna4,,, I have said and still say, the process on how kibble is made does deplete the proteins in food made with meat, causing allergies in some pups. it is now a search for the brand you may want to change to,, and as always, ask for samples.. maybe consider cooking and use wholesome foods and adding a vitamin with minerals for a couple of weeks, seeing if it helps?

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Allergy issues usually appear around that age, it’s not uncommon. Cytopoint has worked well for my boy, apoquel did nothing. When trying hypoallergenic food, was it the only food he had? No treats at all? How long did you try? It often takes a month of nothing but that food to see results and any treats will render it pointless. Worst cases I’ve seen are often treated with antibiotics and steroids. Something a skin work up can be beneficial too to rule out anything else

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My little senior rescue paces, circles, gets really stressed and anxious. I figured dementia and took him in to my vet. She is amazing, said the thought something else was going on and we gave him an ultrasound. He has an inoperable adrenal tumor that causes him to over-produce adrenaline with the slightest bit of stress. He now gets a low dose of gabapentin twice per day. It allows him (and me) to sleep, and he will snuggle sometimes too now. Could be something else going on with your baby.

Good luck..

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My problem with my Yorkie poo that was constantly chewing his feet scooting his butt scratching his ears. Someone on this site answering another person's question that thier problem may be an overgrowth of yeast in his little body. A light bulb went off in my head. I ordered probiotics from Chewy that night. I have him on a more expensive one now and total peace. Probably not your problem but a suggestion.

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That sounds more like k9 dementia but he seems too young for that. Unless there is a rare form of dementia that hits a younger age? My boy developed something similar in his old age and the vet said likely a brain tumor or stroke but he was over 13 at that point. Has he been assessed by a doggie neurologist?
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