I have a 7 month old English Bulldog who has allergies of chicken rice egg soy and yeast

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.. I am having trouble finding a dog food that doesn't have those things in them but I cant seem to find one.. Do you have a recommendation?


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I would suggest Royal Canin Hydrolyzed protein which is available through your vet. In Canada there is also Rayne food for allergy dogs. Rabbit and Kangaroo. Again through your vet.

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My bully has a lot of allergies, tho he has not been tested. But he's white and turns red when he eats stuff he shouldn't. The two food brands that I found he can eat without turning red and without having terrible smelly farts all day, is Craves -grain free lamb recipe or I Love You- grain free lamb recipe.

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English bulldogs are notorious for allergies. That’s going to be like finding a needle in a haystack. Also I’d get yourself established with a dermatologist.

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Where are you located? I’m in AU and use meals for mutts as it was one of the only dry foods to not have chicken or chicken product.
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