How do I get the nutritious spinach?

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How do I get the nutritious spinach? which is good for me, into my body so that it doesn't make my taste buds hate me, which is bad for me?

Basically how can I prepare spinach so I can get a reasonable amount of it because I don't like it.

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I wouldn't worry about it. I don't eat anything I don't like. It'll just make you want to quit. Choose naturally keto whole foods that you enjoy! For instance, I HATE avocado and anything made with avocado. So I get healthy fats in other ways - nuts, oil, and butter, mostly.

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Also I do this thing wear I cook ground Italian sausage and breakfast sausage… then throw it in a bowl of eggs, cheese, finely chopped lime very small bits of spinach… and I like tomatoes and mushrooms but w

You can play with this recipe… spray a mini muffin. Pan the non stick stuff and fill them up with the mixture and bake!!!

I make a big big batch and then throu into a container…. Some made the way I like some without mushrooms for the e kids…. And we will eat on them all week couple for breakfast a quick snack.!!

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Put it in the blender add a protein shake… A bit of yogurt ice … berries... whatever get creative! But you can add a ton! Of spinach this way

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Mix it with other greens and dressing and you will grow to love it. My family love, love, loves 54 Street Gringo Dip. It I amazing and has a package of spinach. I make most of it in the crock pot, heat the creamed frozen spinach and add it to the crock pot at the end. You may want to change the recipe and grate cheese because The Velvetta Mexican may be high in carbs. I love to make recipes Keto. The recipe is on Pinterest.

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Put it (fresh) in an omelet with cheese... and any meat if you want.

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Yeah I’m not down for it either…it tastes like dirt to me. So I don’t eat it. Look up the vitamins in it and find other veg to sub.

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I don’t like it cooked 🤮 but a fresh spinach salad is delish! Just like eating lettuce salad. I add bacon bits, feta, and slivered almonds with balsamic vinaigrette dressing

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You could bake some into a crustless quiche, with spinach, feta, oregano

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I put a small handful in my fruit smoothies. Can't taste it.

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Fresh spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette and feta cheese is my favorite way to eat it.

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Creamed spinach! Sautee your spinach, add garlic, heavy cream and cream cheese. Or just google keto cream spinach.

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Add it to other dishes that are strong in flavour. I like buying the frozen pre-cooked and shredded pellets and adding them to anything saucy, adding to smoothies or making a dip with it.

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I make salads with it. Add sliced strawberries, red onions (in moderation) and sprinkle with cheddar cheese. Make a poppyseed dressing to go on top.

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I put a bit of water in the bottom of the skillet, load it with a teaspoon minced garlic , salt and pepper, put the frozen spinache in skillet and cover, bring to light boil then reduce heat abndlet it simmer til done... stir and or break down a couple times, love the Olive oil idea though
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