I would really love your feedback on this side of the kitchen

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It's quite a small space, unfortunately.
There are two glass cabinets on the upper.
The fridge can't go on the left.
Thank you so much.


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Could you go for a freestanding stove and move microwave to under the bench? This would allow for a full size cupboard that you could use for pantry.

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Loose one draw under oven and drop appliances.

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The microwave looks quite high. Have you checked that you are going to get a large hot casserole dish or similar in and out safely. You could lower the oven to make the microwave lower.

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Looks similar to my kitchen in apartment! I just have an under-bench oven, under stove & pantry under microwave, but I would prefer drawers!

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This is a friends exact kitchen, except the mw is an extra oven but both lower. The mw is in the wip.

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