Seeking suggestions about how to make this facade more Hamptons style / inviting

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.. it’s currently very cold looking. The house has just been rendered, so don’t want to alter the colour.


Thinking awnings? Shutters? Different balustrade?


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I can see white and blue/ grey striped awnings …. White balcony & poles. Garage door painted to match the blue or grey stripe …maybe paint the metal strip across the roof top , to frame the picture. Paint the driveway a grey that will match everything. Get rid of the edging rocks , use them in the garden. Do the garden with large rocks, grasses , miniature date palms , palm trees. Either woodchip or preferred coloured small rocks. Pull that green conifer out on the right of the driveway , makes the place look dated.

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I would work with the tender and replace the balustrade with vertical white timber, spray the window frames white, change the garage door to a hamptons style white door with windows in it. And change the lights on the balcony to something more like a lantern style.

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Maybe go white balcony, posts, and even top gutters if you can? I’d even put a fake white circle vent.


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