It is a home after all

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When the house was built a couple of years ago we brought virtually nothing from the old one. I had to buy all new furniture and in a moment of madness I chose a cream lounge suite for the family room.


I’ve had to cover it up ever since :lol: (I have dogs). I have a variety of blankets - today it’s beige and stripes! I’m limited to big enough, washable (a lot) and not outrageously expensive (and NO itchy wool).

I’m always tweaking and changing things (like changing the dining tables and chairs from white to this).

But practical has to come first - it is a home after all.

My spaniel sleeps on the cushions so they’re staying til they fall apart :lol: .

Btw the walls are white.

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I too bought a light cream coloured lounge, with 2 dogs not a great idea.
I bought a Bissell spot cleaner which helps a lot.
Your home is lovely.

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I bought a cream couch too, I cover mine because of kids and hubby. I wouldn't have thought to use separate throws for top and bottom, what a great idea. I'm always fixing mine up because they end up looking bedraggled.

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Same here! The greyhound aka lounge lizard isn’t allowed on the lounges but takes liberties when we aren’t around (even just in the next room)!

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It’s lovely, so true though we all have to remember, it is still a home, home to live in & enjoy, well done.

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I have acream couch and 2 poodles. Lobe having an excuse to but throws and cushions. :lol:

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Yep, cream sofa & a very spoilt Spoodle. I have large blue towels down because they’re thick, easy to wash & easy to whip off if guests arrive. But straightening at least twice a day.

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My big mistake too! I can't get it cleaned. I've had a few different covers on mine. Never again.

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