Tips on how to cope moving forward with the increasing prices

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I'm starting a post for people to leave tips on how to cope moving forward with the increasing prices in everything in the hope lots of people will have tips and comment so we can share them all. I'll go first:

1. When boiling the kettle pour the unused water from the kettle in a flask and keep it for the next cuppa to save boiling the kettle again.

2. When having a shower as u turn it on to.rum it (whilst waiting for the warm to come through) put a bucket in there to catch the cold and soapless water & use it for your flowers.

3. When cooking jacket potatoes cook double what you need then freeze them or keep them in the fridge and then reheat in microwave when you want the second lot you cooked.

4. Do sausages in the pan instead of the oven

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My tip is a little longer term, but stick with me. Take a look at your financial situation in 2010, now compare it with 2022. Spot the difference? Don't vote Tory.

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Is no one more worried about all the mould and damp homes will be getting with not having the heating on to a normal level especially with drying clothes indoors and those that will be ditching the dryer too…

I’ve never used a tumble dryer so during winter months dry clothes indoors, homes I have previously lived in got bad mould anyway and this made it worse however we did invest in a dehumidifier which counteracted this but now I am worried about the cost of running that!

All this not having the heating on is only going to lead to mouldy damp homes and people getting ill! This is what makes me feel disgusted that our government can allow this to happen

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Just got back from holiday visiting family in France. Supermarket shelves are full and not noticeably that much more expensive than a year ago. Doctors and dentists appointments are available. Diesel was £1.50 per litre (Government subsidy of 12.6p per litre.) No traffic jams on the motorways.

So sorry but I don't believe our Government when they say it's global inflationary pressure and that there's nothing they can do! The best thing we can do to save money is to put pressure on them to help us out!

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Not a tip, but I strongly believe this is the government ‘forcing’ us to think about the energy we use, making us cut back saving energy and helping the environment. We only need to think back a few years to when we were given our recycle bins,

Not many used them. Hence they took a away the weekly collection forcing us to recycle ♻️ it worked. You have to use both bins. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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